The Critical Care Department of Athens University School of Nursing, was founded in 1994 and begun functioning in 1996 (Agioi Anargyroi Hospital of Kifissia). After the earthquake of 1999 it was relocated to “KAT” Hospital of Kifissia. Since December 1st 2010 it was relocated again to the new “Agioi Anargyroi” Hospital and started admitting patients from January 3rd, 2011.

The Department of Critical Care (12 ICU beds) offers clinical training to doctors, nurses and students of nursing, in addition to the patients care. The patients care includes the prevention, diagnosis and therapeutic treatment of critical illness and pulmonary disease.

Joined to the University ICU are the following units:

a) the Clinical Illness Research Unit, which aims at the clinical and laboratory study of the abnormalities of the systems, focusing on the entities that lead to or follow multiorgan disease

b) the Pulmonary Diseases Research Unit, which aims at the study of the pathophysiology of pulmonary disease and the mechanisms for their restoration, at the organization and performance of epidemiological studies.